Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Badly Need A Break Right Now!

My schedule is darn busy lately and in-spite of full load of schedule I feel like I still have lots of things that I need to catch up to. Not only in blogging and reading but also with real life stuffs. I haven't pick up much books as many as my normal reading schedule. Work, sideline projects (mostly pro bono), organizations, family, friends and even holiday tasks are all coming to me like an avalanche. Most days I feel fulfilled and happy with all the daily accomplishments but there are days that I feel like I just need a break!

Sometimes I just want to cave in. Leave everything for a while and just go out of town for a day or two vacation. That's how I usually escape mundane things and recharge myself, but this time I'm not sure if doing so will be really helpful. Or if my colleagues will appreciate me having a break while they are busy working on projects where I am part of. I feel obligated and responsible that it feels like taking a break is not an option.

The power to stop time is really handy right now, but unfortunately there's no such thing. All I can do is busy myself with all the task and responsibilities in front of me. I guess, blogging like this is the only break I can get for now. After all these activities and works I promise I'm getting that weekend vacation I need! For now work and work for me!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


September is one of the busiest month in my calendar. There are lots of events happening during this month. There are birthdays, gatherings and other important activities. Two huge event of the month are the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) and Software Freedom Day (SFD), both I'm eager to attend. Unfortunately these two events always fall on the same date, the third week of September. Though MIBF is longer than the one day event of SFD, it is still hard for me to attend on both. Usually SFD is held out of town which requires more than a day of my schedule, while my weekdays is allotted for work. Due to this conflict in schedules I haven't tried attending the MIBF ever! 

As much as I want to visit the book fair, to take part of the event, meet my fellow book bloggers and readers, and take advantage of huge book sales, discounts and freebies I still can't force myself missing the SFD celebration. SFD is still my priority. It is like a pledge on my part to make sure to be part of the world wide celebration of open source technology. It is a pride for me to contribute something in sharing the beauty of Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS) to others.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are you ready for this year SFD Celebration?

Mark your calenday, Software Freedom Day celebration will climbed its way to the City of Pines once again! See you all there on the 15th of Septermber 2012, Saturday at University of Baguio. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Isn't enough?

So I just redesign the site today. A few minutes of click and drag and the result is a combination of black and blue pages. Now I'm trying to write a quick post with nothing in mind to discuss. I just want to keep this blog active really, as if my other blogs isn't enough! My literary blog Blackplume is quite busy lately. It became more on a book blog now, few months ago I still don't know what to do with that site and now I'm stuck in book blogging. With a bunch of followers I can't just make a U-turn somewhere else. And I'm still enjoying it so far. I even created an FB Page as extension for blackplume. I'm in tumblr too but that's purely photos, it's a bit different in my multiply photoblog. My tumblr account is more on repost of photos I love to collect, photos that makes me smile and things that I want to remember while my other photo blog is like an online personal album where I post my travel adventures. Other than these sites I'm also busy interacting online with my friends online. And those are just my time online, I am more busy offline with work, books, family and friends. I'm not sure if I can make all these sites active for years but as long as I got time and I enjoy blogging I'll try my best to keep all these site running.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wish Finally Granted

Remember my Christmas Wishlist last December? I got twelve items on that list and half of it was granted. The last item on the list is Amazon Kindle or Ipad which I didn’t get. Of course I didn’t expect to really receive it as a gift and I know I need to buy it for myself. So after months of contemplating and weighing I finally decided to get my own Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi edition.

I haven’t buy any e-books yet but I just got one from Sammie Spencer. She sent me a kindle edition of Anathema (Cloud Prophet Trilogy) through amazon. Isn’t it lovely? The first book in my reader is a gift from an author. I also downloaded few samples and free books from amazon. I’m still exploring my new toy, so far I’m loving it so much. Next thing for me is to buy a cover for my Kindle and of course a lot of books to read.

This is a copy of one of my random entry posted in my literary blog Blackplume.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just Cathing Up!

I know I know... I haven't post anything here for quite a long time. I do have a lot of backlog writings on top of my head but my time won't really allow me. I'm not giving much justice in maintaining this site compare to what I'm doing with my literary blog, Blackplume. Now, I'm trying to make something for this.

This week I'm busy planning my next out of the country vacation for a couple of days in Singapore and Malaysia, which literally consumes all my time beyond work and other responsibilities I need to attend to everyday. With all the errands to furnish before our flight like hotel reservations, tickets, transport pickup and packing we are now running out of time to arrange everything. In few more days, I am set to fly with Bunnz and Chai to strange places. It's obvious that I am really excited for this trip. Just few hours ago I'm doing my research for each place we plan to visit. Trying to write our itinerary schedule to make sure we will maximize our tour. Hopefully everything goes well and fun. After our trip I'll try to get back in here to post anything I can about it. I just hope I'll get my mood up in writing by that time. Sometimes when I'm too overwhelmed with my tour or anything, I can't really discuss much of it. Like when I went in Taiwan last year for an eight days vacation. The only thing that I have done is post some of my photos in my photoblog. My plan to create an scrapbook for it doesn't materialize. I didn't even get my photos printed at all, much to organize all the souvenirs I got for that trip. I'll try to make time for it, hopefully before the year ends ^__^v.